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3D Crack analyses using ANSYS

i m dan doing ME Engineering Design.I m doing project in the area of probabilistic fracture mechanics.,So i need how to find SIF,J integral,Energy release rate,CDOT  for all type of crack (2D,3D)..,I want some of the material related to this..,i m using Ansys..,so complete step by step procedure in Crack analysis using analysis i want 3d Crack analysis


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link is dead bro....

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Dear All,

Here are two links related to 2D and 3D fracture analysis with ANSYS. These documents are in Turkish but full menu and ANSYS explanations avaliable there. I hope they will be useful for everyone.

2D :

3D :

Dr. Mesut UYANER

Dear All,

Can anyone give me more details on MPC184 element as used in ANSYS.

What is the importance of the contact type, and how does that value of force and displacement calculated in MPC184. I have read ANSYS help, but it is not clear to me.

Thank You

i need a simple result of stress intenisty or J-Integral v.s length of crack front through thckness for check my resluts ( free surface to free surface). any body has please send my email adress        ( .

 many thanks,



Please, How simulate Elliptical crack with ansys.


Hello Everybody..

I am MS student in University of cincinnati, Oh, USA. I am working on fractures in thin film and for  that i need to model 3D cracks. Problem is i cant just use extrude comand becuase, crack is not throughout tht length of the film ( So i cant use th eapproch mentioned above). there is CTMOPT macro in ansys which allows to desgin meshing at the crack tip. I am struggling with the ewxplanation given there. If anybody has detail information in how to implelment this macro, please let me know. 


Thanknig you,

Sagar Bhamare

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Dear all

 Hello, I have problem with my projet with ansys . my lecturer ask me to explain how do I will create crack model in 3D which appropiate with geometry of fillet weld Tubular Joint type Y model . I never encounter with crack 3D model, Maybe among friends had experienced to modelling crack in 3D on fillet tubular weld. Minimal give clues how to build geometry or code from lab research how to modelling crack 3D in physical model (eq. impact test)....


Thanks so much 

Eko Wahyu P 

How to calculate SIF using displacement correlation technique in apdl for semi elliptical crack in hollow cylinders using mesh 200 elements and solid 95.

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