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Post-doctoral position at the Centre des Materiaux of MINES ParisTech

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Post-doctoral position at the Centre des Materiaux of MINES-ParisTech, CHAIR SAFRAN-MINES ParisTech “CRISTAL”:

Metallurgical study of a Titanium-Aluminum-Niobium alloy and development of web applications for material science teaching


A post-doctoral position is opened at the Centre des Matériaux (Mines-ParisTech), which is a material science research laboratory of MINES-ParisTech (formerly School of Mines of Paris).

The Centre des Matériaux is located in Évry (35 km south of Paris). It is an Associate Laboratory to the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). It brings together about 40 senior and junior researchers, 100 PhD students and 40 members of the administrative and technical staff. Research mainly covers material (metal alloys, ceramics, polymer matrix composites… ) mechanical behavior, its experimental study and its numerical simulation. It extensively uses mechanical testing and microstructural analysis, and concerns all stages of material life: its formulation, production, optimization, operational use, in-service aging…

The research studies are carried out in close cooperation with industrial partners.

The "CRISTAL" teaching and research grant agreement that has been signed between SAFRAN Company and MINES ParisTech, aims to strengthen cooperation between those organizations. It plans to develop both teaching and research in the domain of high temperature materials for aircrafts in an era where education, on the one hand, and creativity and control of new materials and process, on the other hand, are of strategic importance.

For about twenty years, collaboratively with SNECMA- SAFRAN GROUP, the Centre des Matériaux has been developing Titanium - Aluminum - Niobium alloys intended for use in compressors of aircraft turbo-engine compressors. The Centre des Matériaux also develops a website for teaching which gives access to most of the courses delivered by the Material and Mechanical Engineering Department. It offers interactive applications too. This website means to disseminate knowledge and contributes to the Centre des Matériaux renown.


Research: Titanium-Aluminum-Niobium alloys

Compositions of a Titanium-Aluminum-Niobium alloy family were formulated in order to promote microstructures including the O-Ti2AlNb orthorhombic phase. This microstructure type gives these alloys the metallurgical characteristics and mechanical properties in accordance with their use in the replacement of Titanium-Aluminum alloys and Nickel base superalloys in the hottest parts of turbo-engine compressors (disks, blades, distributors, carters…). The study that will be assigned to the post-doctoral researcher focuses on microstructural and mechanical investigations on one of these alloys which is available in forged condition. Quantitative analysis of microstructures developed after each step of heat treatment sequences will first be performed in order to optimize them. Mechanical properties will be studied in relation with the microstructures produced by different heat treatment sequences. Creep characteristics will be determined at temperatures and stresses corresponding to intended uses of these alloys. Creep tests interrupted at low strain and relevant dislocation microstructure analysis in the orthorhombic phase will give access to the determination of deformation mechanisms. Crack propagation at high temperature will be studied on the basis of cyclic tests with dwell time. High temperature oxidation resistance analysis will complement this study.



The website gives free access to most of the courses delivered by the Material and Mechanical Engineering Department of Mines-ParisTech. This website is used for teaching graduate courses (engineering school of Mines-ParisTech and French university master degrees). It is also accessed by numerous national and international connections. This website gives access to handouts, lecture notes and homework solutions. Interactive applications can be activated to go beyond the lecture level which is restricted to analytical resolution of problems, and to deal with industrial applications. The students can then get a better understanding of the proposed models by focusing on their physical angle instead of the mathematical solving complexities. The post-doctoral researcher will be part of an educational team in charge of the development of the website. This team creates new case studies illustrating connections between lectures and industrial applications. The work of this team will be supported by the availability inside Mines-ParisTech, thanks to the CRISTAL grant agreement, of a new laboratory dedicated to material and mechanical engineering practical works, and a high speed connection allowing remote use of graphical applications on computers and smartphones.


Minimum job requirements and desired skills

A recent Ph.D. in metallurgy or material science is required. Extensive knowledge about microstructures and mechanical properties is necessary for the research part of this position. A previous experience of research work in the field of titanium based alloy metallurgy would be valued. Adequate skills in optical and scanning and transmission electron microscopy to perform observations and analysis are required. Competences in mechanical testing at high temperature are necessary.

In order to ensure the success of the teaching part, the post-doctoral researcher would have to be able to contribute to the website. Rather than virtuosity in the practical aspects of the implementation, this part of the job requires the adequate knowledge to allow him to make his input, in interaction with the other members of the team, in computer applications in the fields of thermodynamics, metallurgy, continuum mechanics and mechanics of materials.


Work place: Centre des Matériaux, 10 rue Henry Desbruère, 91003 Evry

Contract type: One year, possibly renewable

Application: The following documents must be provided

  • curriculum vitae

  • motivation letter

  • list of publications

  • recommendation letters

To be sent

by email to


by regular mail to Ecole des mines, Centre des matériaux, BP 87, 91003 Evry CEDEX, France

To Mr Jean-Yves Herry.




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