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SEM Annual Track 2, “Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials”

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 1-paragraph abstract submission deadline has been extended for SEM Annual Track 2, Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials  The new deadline is October 12.  If you are interested in participating, please take a moment to write this brief abstract and help us organize the event.  We are pleased to announce our Track Keynote speakers: 


  • Prof. Kenneth Liechti  - University of Texas at Austin
  • Prof. Yasushi Miyano - Kanazawa Institute of Technology


The seminar track is sponsored by the Time Dependent Materials Technical Division and is part of the 2016 XIII SEM International Congress & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics (Hilton Orlando, June 6-9, 2016). 

We seek papers related to time (and rate) dependence in all materials, including polymers, metals, biomaterials, granular materials, gels, foams and glasses. Time dependent studies may involve damage, fracture, fatigue or durability, or they may consider environmental effects, such as high pressure or solvent exposure. Characterization across length scales is encouraged, including effects of inhomogeneities and interfaces. Experimentally informed constitutive models are welcome, as are papers on additive manufacturing. 


The deadline for a short abstract of the paper (less than 200 words) is October 12, 2015. Please submit your abstract online at

Please select Paper Topic “Challenges in the Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials” by selecting the MTDM button. 

Thanks for your support in advance and we are looking forward to seeing you again at SEM in 2016.


Alex Arzoumanidis, Psylotech
Bonnie Antoun, Sandia National Laboratories
Meredith Silberstein, Cornell University
Jerry Qi, Georgia Tech
Jevan Furmanski, ExxonMobil
Alireza Amirkizi, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Richard Hall, Air Force Research Laboratory
Yuhang Hu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hongbing Lu, University of Texas - Dallas
Jonathon Tanks, University of Virginia

 A wide range of topics are solicited, including papers in the following general technical research areas:

  • Viscoelasticity and Viscoplasticity (Meredith Silberstein)
    • Modeling of low, moderate and high strain rates
    • Modeling viscoelastoplasticity
  • Metallic Materials (Bonnie Antoun)
  • Additive & Advanced Manufacturing (Jerry Qi)
    • Property characterization from AM
    • Process modeling and simulations of AM
    • Material design using AM
  • Damage, Fracture, Fatigue & Durability (Jevan Furmanski)
    • Challenges in characterization and modeling of time-dependent damage, fracture and fatigue
  • Structure-Function-Performance of Polyethylene
  • Extreme Environments and Environmental Effects (Alireza Amirkizi)
    • High temperature & pressure
    • Damage, degradation, aging and radiation resistance,
  • Effects of Inhomogeneities and Interfaces (Richard Hall & Jonathon Tanks)
    • Composite, hybrid and multifunctional materials 
  • Soft Materials (Yuhang Hu)
    • Polymer and polymeric gels
    • Biol Biological materials including cells and soft tissue
  • Characterization Across Scales (Hongbing Lu)
    • Time-dependent Effects at Variable Length Scales

 Please use the specific session organizer if you know their name or have been in direct contact with them, otherwise indicate “Arzoumanidis” as session organizer and the Track 2 organizers will place the abstract into the correct session.  This email was sent by to yuhanghu@illinois.eduNot interested? Unsubscribe | Update profile | Interested Subscribe | Impressed? Tell-A-FriendSEM Time Dependent Materials Technical Division | 

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