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requirements of developing finite element softwares

Dear all


There are many Finite Element softwares that are some commercial and some not. Many of them are open-source and some are closed-source. Abaqus, Ansys, LS-DYNA and ADINA are familiar to all mechanicals. I want to know what bases are needed to develop FEM software like e.g. Abaqus? What language do you suggest to programming for such softwares? What Abaqus did to be great software? Except mechanical engineers, what types of engineers are needed to develop this software? What do you suggest to start this great project? How can develop it? How can find marketing for it? How it can be user-friend? Do you think it should be university-base or it can be developed in an independent LAB.? Is there any ref. that explains this procedure? For example, Finite element Procedure is wrote by J. Bathe, Funder of ADINA.

I’ll be happy to know your recommendations.



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