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Engines, refrigerators, and heat pumps

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slides for a course on engineering thermodynamics.  

Engines move.  Please watch some videos before you come to lectures.  Here are several videos to get you started.

  1. The Innovation of the engine

  2. Stirling engine (The engine that runs on a cup of coffee.  I have shown this engine in class several times.)

  3. Four-stroke engine

  4. Two-stroke and four-stroke engine

  5. Gasoline engine

  6. Diesel engine

  7. Power plant

  8. Jet engine

  9. Refrigerator



Matt Keveney's ``Animated Engines'' site [^] would be helpful. The low temperature-differential Stirling engine is on the bottom right of the home page. ... Wish he had also covered refrigerators, boilers, heat pumps...




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Dear Ajit:  Thank you so much!  These animations are very valuable for teaching and learning.  

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I have just updated the slides.  In class I used the animated Otto engine suggested by Ajit.  It was very effective.  Thank you, Ajit.  I also added a number of other slides to relate cycles to physical embodiments.    

Dear Zhigang,

1. Yes, the animations are neat, and they allow for an easy control of the FPS too. ... Unfortunately, I discovered this site only the day before yesterday (while browsing, not for animations, but for the Stirling engine). So, I couldn't use this material in my own class in the term that has just ended. But I am happy to know that it was effective.

2. Just one important note for the reader:

Matt has an explicit copyright policy: [^].

To quote from the ``Exceptions'' paragraph: ``My position is that teachers and students may freely use this site’s material in a lesson or assignment, provided that proper attribution is made; my copyright notices are retained; and that the material will not appear elsewhere on the Internet in any form. If your lesson or report is published on the Internet, please post a link to my site instead.''

Quite reasonable, IMO, but it does prohibit too casual a usage.




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Here is a recent report on the Volkswagen scandal related to diesel engines.

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