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How NOT to use Powerponit

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How NOT to use Powerponit! Very instructive and memorable.


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Enjoyed the video. Thanks.

In one slide, he mentioned the decreasing effectiveness of presentations as the number of slides increase. I'm wondering if there is an optimal length of presentations for best effectiveness.

I once read somewhere (can't remember where) that the audience's attention tends to decay after 15 mins.  So if you can not turn on their curiosity in 15 mins, you will probably loose them later on.  This is a rule-of-thumb I've been following when preparing longer presentations.  I'm wondering if the 15 mins rule works for others.

Konstantin Volokh's picture

May be this is the reason why a regular conference talk is about 15 minutes Smile

Probably he meant the intensity of presentation, i.e. slides per minute. I like one slide per minute. I witnessed talks with four slides per minute - crazy and funny.

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Great video, thanks for sharing, it's all in there. 

You can always have a longer talk as long as you can draw back the attention of the audience. Bring back the audience by something simple and interesting.

Cheers, Chris.


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