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generate an input file through python


I would like to generate an input file with python.

I have written my python script, and i want to write an input file without submitting the job.

I write at the end of the script:

mdb.Job(atTime=None, contactPrint=OFF, description='', echoPrint=OFF, explicitPrecision=SINGLE, getMemoryFromAnalysis=True, historyPrint=OFF, memory=90, memoryUnits=PERCENTAGE, model='Model-2', modelPrint=OFF, multiprocessingMode=DEFAULT, name='3D1-100', nodalOutputPrecision=SINGLE, numCpus=1, numGPUs=0, queue=None, scratch='', type=ANALYSIS, userSubroutine='', waitHours=0, waitMinutes=0)['3D1-100'].writeInput(consistencyChecking=OFF)

The model name is Model-2
and the job name is 3D1-100

Do i have to create an .inp file before writing those commands?



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The "writeInput" command will create a new file for you. 

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