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Micromechanics Simulation Challenge

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cdmHUB has completed the level I micromechanics simulation challenge. Several micromechanics methods/tools including both commercially available tools such as  Altair MDS, ESI VPS, Digimat, SwiftComp and research codes such as MAC/GMC/HFGMC and FVDAM, are used to analyze six typical 2D/3D microstructures. All the results and model files, inputs and outputs, and the report are hosted on cdmHUB as a live project at Some tools can also be directly launched from cdmHUB. If you have a micromechanics code/tool, you are welcome to contribute your own results. These problems are also a good learning tool for students who want to study micromechanics. 

Level I problems focus on linear thermoelastic properties and corresponding local fields. We are starting to draft level II problems which will focus on nonlinear problems. If you want to contribute, please feel free to let me know.


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