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Micromechanics Simulation Challenge

cdmHUB has completed the level I micromechanics simulation challenge. Several micromechanics methods/tools including both commercially available tools such as  Altair MDS, ESI VPS, Digimat, SwiftComp and research codes such as MAC/GMC/HFGMC and FVDAM, are used to analyze six typical 2D/3D microstructures.

A challenge to Mr. Koenemann

I am sure that several of you have followed Mr. Koenemann's posts with some interests.  For some it might be entertainment, and for others it might be like watching a car wreck.  In any case, several iMechanicians have attempted to convince Falk that his theories do not make sense.  We have all failed miserably at that task.  I am perhaps a bit slower than most, but it is clear to me that Mr. Koenemann will not be convinced by any physical or mathematical arguments.  So I am left with the ultimate arbiter of all theories, experimental measurement and observation.

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