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Tenure-track Assistant Professor postion in Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin

The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin has a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level beginning September 2010 in the area of Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Materials.

A challenge to Mr. Koenemann

I am sure that several of you have followed Mr. Koenemann's posts with some interests.  For some it might be entertainment, and for others it might be like watching a car wreck.  In any case, several iMechanicians have attempted to convince Falk that his theories do not make sense.  We have all failed miserably at that task.  I am perhaps a bit slower than most, but it is clear to me that Mr. Koenemann will not be convinced by any physical or mathematical arguments.  So I am left with the ultimate arbiter of all theories, experimental measurement and observation.

Journal Club Forum for April 15th: Fracture of Ferroelectrics

Ferroelectric materials have seen applications as actuators (the fuel injection system in the latest BMWs), sensors (naval sonar systems), and ferroelectric nonvolatile random access memories (FRAMs). For actuators and sensors it is the piezoelectric behavior of these materials that is exploited, while for FRAMs the ability of the material to “switch” polarization states is the essential feature for the application. 

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