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Plastic J significance in CTOD equation

I am working on the validation of CTOD.

In the evaluation of CTOD using the
J-integral approach as applied in ASTM E1290 and E1820, the plastic J
component is defined as (Npl*Apl)/(Bn*Bo)
Npl=dimensionless constant(plasticity)
Apl=area under load vs. displacement plot
Bn=ligamen length (W-a)
Bo=section thickness

On E1820 there are different functions provided for Npl if Apl is
evaluated differently (CMOD or load-line displacement).

J Integral with dynamic explicit

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I am trying to solve a 3PB specimen with a notch. I am doing the dynamic explicit analysis. I want to find the J-integral. Giving the J-integral as history output. Trying to run it gives following error.


 LINE IMAGE: *contourintegral, crackname=H-OUTPUT-2_CRACK-1, frequency=0,
             normal, contours=2, cracktipnodes


Running the same for dynamic implicit analysis works fine.

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Stress intensity factors for a slanted crack under compression

Hello everyone,

Here is the problem I have: I'm modeling the geometry of a simple straight edge crack in a 2D elastic medium using Abaqus. I assume plain stress conditions. The crack makes an angle with the horizontal, is small enough to be considered as embedded in an infinite domain (ratio crack length/size of domain < 1/10) and I apply a vertical compressive load on top of my domain. I fixed one point in displacement at the bottom of it and the whole bottom edge is constrained not to move vertically.

Strain energy release rate of beam specimen using J-integral

Hi All,

Are there any good references showing the detailed derivations of elastic strain energy release rate using J-integral instead of differentiating compliance for end notch beam samples : DCB, 3/4 point bend ...? many thanks ...

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