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How to calculate Stress intensity factor through FE programming?

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Dear all,

I need to calculate SIF through a FEM program by writing some line of codes. The problem is that I wasn't able to find a reference contains straightforward formulation and procedure for this. Can anybody help me please with this issue?




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do you mean for cracks? if so, you can look at the automatic mesh generation feature of ANSYS Workbench, which creates your crack, defines a crack front, meshes and gives you plots of SIF along the crack front. It's all based on APDL code which you can see by exporting your intput file if you are not content with just getting the answer. 

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I'm familiar with available features of commercial softwares like ANSYS. What I need is a reference that contains a straightforward formulations to implement inside a academic FE code. I want to improve our code to have the ability to calculate the SIF.

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