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Generate master curve for viscoelasticity


I would like to generate a master curve (e.g. of the storage modulus) based on frequency-sweeps experiment for different temperatures.

Basically, I need to determine the shifts in order to construct the master curve. I want to automatize the process with Matlab, instead of shifting the data by hand. And I don't want to use WLF or Arrhenius methods.

I want to determine the shifts for each temperature s.t. I get a smooth master curve (minimize the error using least square).

Does someone have some good reference of a robust method? Or can anyone share a Matlab script?


Many thanks



I can provide a recently written Matlab code for esitmating a master curve from a set of curves that makes use of fmincon. Joe Goddard

I can provide a recently written Matlab code (without extensive testing) for estimating a master curve from a discrete family of curves making use of fmincon. JG

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