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[Call for Abstract] SES 2016 Symposium F-3: Wave Phenomena in Linear and Nonlinear Metamaterials

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We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the symposium F-3: Wave Phenomena in Linear and Nonlinear Metamaterials at the SES 53rd Annual Technical Meeting (SES2016) to be held October 2-5 2016 in College Park, MD.

Symposium Technical Description

Mechanical metamaterials have attracted great interest in recent years because of their unique mechanical properties that exceed those displayed by conventional materials. Some of the most exciting opportunities for metamaterials research are found in the arena of wave propagation, thanks to the ability of metamaterials to induce significant spectral and spatiotemporal manipulation of acoustic and elastic waves. Phononic bandgaps, frequency-dependent directivity, anomalous refractive behavior and subwavelength waveguiding are just some of the most well-known wave manipulation effects. These properties make metamaterials ideal for a variety of engineering applications, including mechanical filtering, energy deflection and trapping and the implementation of a variety of structural logic architectures.

Recently, researchers have focused their attention on metamaterial architectures exhibiting nonlinear behavior. Nonlinearity has been exploited to make acoustic diodes and induce other symmetry breaking effects, as well as a mechanism to achieve tunability and adaptivity and to design programmable structural materials. The field of metamaterials is now rapidly stretching its potential by fully incorporating the latest advances on soft materials, origami-inspired foldable structures and coupled physics phenomena.

In this symposium we welcome contributions that discuss the latest results in acousto-elastic metamaterials research, with special emphasis on works that explore the intimate connection between physics and mechanics. We particularly encourage contributions that discuss metamaterial architectures based on nontrivial material platforms, including granular media, soft lattices, chiral topologies and bucklable and foldable cellular structures.

Symposium Organizers:

K. Bertoldi, Harvard University -

S. Gonella, University of Minnesota -


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