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SES2016: List of Confirmed Invited Speakers (as of 11 June 2016)

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Dear colleagues,

The 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES2016) will be hosted by the University of Maryland (UMD) during 2-5 October 2016 at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.  

We are pleased to release the following list of confirmed invited speakers in various topical symposia at SES2016. Please consider joining us to attend SES2016 to enjoy their invited presentations and present your own research as well. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 June 2016. We look forward to your submissions!

List of Confirmed Invited Speakers at SES2016 (as of 11 June 2016)

Symposium B-1: Pore scale modeling and simulation of multiphase flow in porous media

Eckart Meiburg (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Staffan Lundström (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)

Xiaolong Yin (Colorado School of Mines)

Sourabh V. Apte (Oregon State University)

Ilenia Battiato (San Diego State University)

Symposium B-2: Biological and Bio-Inspired Fluid Mechanics

Rajat Mittal, (Johns Hopkins University)

Sunghwan Jung (Virginia Tech)

Iman Borazjani (University at Buffalo)

Ali Tamayol (Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology)


Symposium B-5: Heat Transfer: from Meso-scale to Macro-scale

Sheng Shen, (Carnegie Mellon university)

Nanfang Yu (Columbia University)

Asegun Henry (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Bao Yang (University of Maryland)


Symposium C-6: Mechanics and Physics of Soft Materials

Yonggang Huang (Northwestern University)

Kenneth Liechti (University of Texas at Austin)

Zhigang Suo (Harvard University)


Symposium C-15: Mechanical Behaviors of Cytoskeleton and Cells

Wolfgang Losert (University of Maryland)

Garegin Papoian (University of Maryland)

Sean Sun (Johns Hopkins University)

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos (Johns Hopkins University)

Vivek Shenoy (University of Pennsylvania)

Dimitrios Vavylonis (Lehigh University)

Min-Cheol Kim (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Symposium D-3: Mechanics of 3D Printed Materials and Structures

Thomas Siegmund (Purdue University)

Larry J. Holmes (Army Research Laboratory)


Symposium D-4: Mechanics in Manufacturing, Synthesis and Processing of Materials, Structures and Devices

Jimmy Hsia (Carnegie Mellon University)

Harley Johnson (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign)

Kevin Turner (University of Pennsylvania)

Matthew Begley (UC-Santa Barbara)

Jerry Qi (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Vivek Shenoy (University of Pennsylvania).


Symposium D-11: Instability and Interfacial Adhesions in Bio-Compatible Electronics

Yonggang Huang (Northwestern U)

Baoxing Xu (U VA)

Yuhang Hu (UIUC)

Yihui Zhang (Tsinghua Univ)


D-13 : Architectured meta-materials: engineering science, design, manufacturing and characterization

Pablo Zavattieri (Purdue)

Yuri Estrin (Monash, Australia)

Jamie Guest (John Hopkins)


Symposium D-14: Non-linear Response of Highly Deformable Structures

Shengqiang Cai (UCSD)

Jie Yin (Temple Univ.)

Howon Lee (Rutgers Univ.)

Nanshu Lu (UT Austin)

James Henderson (Syracuse University)


Symposium E3: Advanced Nano-Manufacturing forMulti-functional Nanosystems

Mingjun Zhang (Ohio State University)

Bingqing (B.Q.) Wei (University of Delaware)

Liang Pan (Purdue University)

Lei Zhai (Carnegie Mellon University)

Chi Hwan Lee (Purdue University)

Yihui Zhang (Tsinghua University)

Yu Zhu (The University of Akron) 


Symposium E-4: Modeling and Characterizing the Mechanics of Boundaries in Materials

Geoff Brennecka (Colorado School of Mines)

Valery Levitas (Iowa State University)

Enrique Martinez Saez (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Ali Sangghaleh (Texas A&M University)

Mitra Taheri (Drexel University)

Mark Tschopp (Army Research Laboratory)

Caizhi Zhou (Missouri University of Science and Technology)


Symposium E-5: Mechanics of Multifunctional 2D materials and 2D-based Nanostructures

Philip Kim (Harvard University)

Huajian Gao (Brown University)

Markus Buehler (MIT)

Xi Chen (Columbia University)


Symposium F-1: Dynamics and Control of Soft Robot Systems

Russ Tedrake (MIT)

Oliver O'Reilly (UC Berkeley)

Feitian Zhang (Univ. Maryland)

Kamran Mohseni (Univ. Florida)

Norm Wereley (Univ. Maryland)


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