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Call for Abstracts: 2016 SES D-2 Mechanics and Materials in the Oilfield

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We would like to invite you to submit abstracts to our Symposium D-2 “Mechanics and Materials in the Oilfield”, at the SES, October 2-5 at University of Maryland in College Park, MD.   


Symposium D-2 “Mechanics and Materials in the Oilfield”


Description: The oil and gas industry is facing new challenges related to accessing narrow reservoirs (horizontal drilling), producing tight formations (fracturing in shale gas), isolating hot formations (cementing deep reservoirs), and improving safety. More recently, the industry is under scrutiny for environmental considerations (water usage during fracturing) as well as under pressure to introduce low-cost technologies. The range of scientific issues faced by the oilfield represents an immense research opportunity for the academic world. This symposium aims at linking industry professionals and academics by promoting and highlighting successful collaborations between industrial and academic researchers that address the scientific challenges facing the industry.


Topics of interest include:


•         Hydraulic fracturing 

•         Fracturing Fluids

•         Tubular mechanics

•         Dynamics of drilling systems

•         High temperature polymers

•         Wellbore zonal isolation (cement and elastomers)

•         Packers and seals


Here is the link to our session:


Note that the abstract submission deadline is June 15.


Organizing Committee:


Nathan Wicks, Schlumberger, 

Pedro Reis, MIT,

Agathe Robisson, Schlumberger,

Yucun Lou, Schlumberger,



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