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Doctoral Candidate Position in Computational Ice Mechanics

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We are looking for a doctoral student to join our Arctic Marine and Ice Technology research group at the Aalto University (Finland), Department of Mechanical Engineering, to study ice-structure interaction process in shallow water using numerical simulations.  In the complex ice-structure interaction process an intact ice sheet fails into discrete ice blocks, which affect further stages of the process. Realistic calculations of ice loads due to this process require modeling of the ice blocks and their pile-up process. The research will include both computational and experimental work: our in-house FEM-DEM code will be used in modeling while the experiments will be performed in the Aalto Ice Tank, our 40 m × 40 m ice model basin.


The call is open for candidates with a Master's degree in a wide range of backgrounds. Good understanding of solid mechanics and numerical modeling is required. A suitable background may come from applied or computational mechanics, mechanical engineering, marine engineering, civil engineering, engineering physics, or related disciplines. The applicant must fulfill the requirements for doctoral students at the Aalto University, School of Engineering.


Applications with for the position are to be submitted no later than 16 September 2016. More details on the position, the application process, and the link for submitting the application can be found from the webpage:

For additional information, you may also contact Assistant Professor Arttu Polojärvi (email:, use letter "a" instead of "ä" in the email address).

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