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Crack tip mesh size - Interface cracks ?

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Hello everybody,

                   I am working on FE Simulation of interface cracks. To this end, I use modified VCCT, CSDEM and other such methods to determine mesh independent strain energy release rate (G) and Mode mixity (ψ). Now I have a fundamental doubt.

  • How do I determine the size of the mesh around the crack tip? I understand that we have to be out of the plastic zone of size (rp) at the crack tip, which can be approximated by Dugdale's model and the like. But, how do I determine 'rp' for a crack between two materials?
  • I see that (Δa/a) ratio is anywhere between 0.002 to 0.04, different in different literatures. My doubt is how do we determine this range (if not a single value) for a specific problem?

'Δa' is the crack tip mesh size and 'a' the crack length

Looking forward to the answers from the experts.

Thanks for your time



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