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Deterioration of the quality of the Elsevier journal printing

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Many Mechanics journals are printed by Elsevier. Unfortunately, I observe huge deterioration of the quality of the printing. 

1. Few years ago Elsevier standardized journal printing and journals which looked very differently once look similar today. We can live with that. However, the standardization was accompanied by a decrease of the font size. Now, sub-indices, or even indices, are almost invisible by a naked eye. I understand that those who decided to decrease the font size do not read the papers by themselves, nevertheless, some respect for those who read and write the papers would not be superfluous. 

2. I faced a new problem recently – the quality of proofs became really bad and it is necessary to correct almost everything typed by a typesetter. For example, symbol sizes jump arbitrarily in rows and equations; bold, italic and other character features freely change within the proof; equality signs are not aligned etcetera etcetera etcetera. Interestingly, the problems appear for both Word and TEX source files. 

I hope this post will be noticed by Elsevier and some improvement of its printing will follow up.


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I completely support the criticism; publishing with the Elsevier is a nightmare, especially if you have many formulas in your paper. 

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