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Elastic waves in finitely deformed layered materials

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by Pavel I. Galich, Nicholas X. Fang, Mary C. Boyce, and Stephan Rudykh

J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 91:390-410 (2017)

ABSTRACT: We analyze elastic wave propagation in highly deformable layered media with isotropic hyperelastic phases. Band gap structures are calculated for the periodic laminates undergoing large deformations. Compact explicit expressions for the phase and group velocities are derived for the long waves propagating in the finitely deformed composites. Elastic wave characteristics and band gaps are shown to be highly tunable by deformation. The influence of deformation on shear and pressure wave band gaps for materials with various composition and constituent properties are studied, finding advantageous compositions for producing highly tunable complete band gaps in low-frequency ranges. The shear wave band gaps are influenced through the deformation induced changes in effective material properties, whereas pressure wave band gaps are mostly influenced by deformation induced geometry changes. The wide shear wave band gaps are found in the laminates with small volume fractions of a soft phase embedded in a stiffer material; pressure wave band gaps of the low-frequency range appear in the laminates with thin highly compressible layers embedded in a nearly incompressible phase. Thus, by constructing composites with a small amount of a highly compressible phase, wide complete band gaps at the low-frequency range can be achieved; furthermore, these band gaps are shown to be highly tunable by deformation.

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