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PolyFEM: Obtaining polygonal mesh from structured T3 Mesh


I am developing a solver implemeting Polygonal Finite Element Method (PolyFEM). Currently my code can handle n-gons with nmax=6 (hexgon).

I am trying to test the code with comlex geometries for which I need to obtain polygonal meshes. PolyMesher developed by Dr Paulino's group can obtain polygonal mesh using voronoi doagrams but the code doesn't provide control over the maximum number of edges of a polygon in mesh and ends up creating octagons etc. Hence I am thinking of using a code which can convert a structured  T3 mesh into hexagonal mesh.

Is anybody aware of an open source software which can help me achieve this? Alternatively, is there a way of  creating strictly hexagonal mesh using voronoi diagrams?

Thank you.



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