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Special Issue: Granular materials; Journal: Materials

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Journal: Materials  (flyer attached)

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Special Issue: Granular materials   Special Issue Editor: Sinisa Mesarovic       Deadline: 15 April 2017


Dear Colleagues,


Almost two and a half centuries after Coulomb’s first investigations granular materials still elude full understanding.  The disordere in a granular assembly with apparent partial ordering (force chains, fabric), variety of particle shapes and size statistics, as well as the highly constrained kinematics of densely packed particles defy our attempts to formulate a predictive theory, capable of describing dilatancy, shear localization, flow patterns and transition from solid-like (jammed) state to fluid-like flow.   Recent advances in experimental techniques and computing power enable more accurate observations and analysis of the particle-scale phenomena and their effects on the collective behaviour.


The problems in granular materials have engaged multiple scientific communities:  engineers, physicists and mathematicians.  The special issue on Granular materials is intended as a multi-disciplinary forum to present the current state-of-the-art and recent advances, as well as to suggest the future directions.  Experimental, computational and theoretical contributions are invited.  Of particular interest are the contributions which provide understanding of micro-scale mechanisms and/or enable their description within meso-scale models.



The list of keywords given below provides brief summary of the open issues.  The list is illustrative and the contributions are not limited to these topics.

·         Dilatancy and Critical state

·         Force chains and Anisotropy

·         Particle kinematics and Collective behaviour

·         Jamming and flow of granular assemblies

        ·        Packing


To submit the paper: 

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