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Modeling and Nanofabrication of 1D and 2D Materials: Special Issue in Elsevier New Journal Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects (NANOSO)

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 Dear All,

 Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects is a new Elsevier journal launched in 2015. The journal is devoted to all aspects of the synthesis and the properties of this new flourishing domain. 

 We are organizing a special issue on Modeling and Nanofabrication of 1D and 2D Materials

 We invite researchers to contribute their work to the following topics to include, but not limited to: 

  - Continuum modeling such as Phase field and/or Finite Element modeling of epitaxial growth of 2D materials such as graphene on different substrates; modeling of complex process influenced by thermodynamics, kinetic, and growth parameters; Phase field modeling of growth of 1D materials such as nanowire growth by the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) mechanism.

  - Molecular Dynamics simulation of stability and growth of nanowires; Modeling of deformation and fracture during nanofabrication; Modeling of in-plane and out of plane stress in heterostructures; Interfacial properties of 2D materials (van der Waals interactions and beyond).

  - First Principle Calculations of 2D materials growth; Effect of orientation, edge energy, edge force; Interaction of nanomaterials with different substrates; Phase transition during growth process.

  - Large-area or high-throughput synthesis of 1D/2D materials  such as research in wafer scale monolayer growth with new methods or mechanisms. 

  - Characterization of 2D heterostructures different stacking orders and angle mismatches result in different electrical and optical properties of the heterostructures.

  - New types of 2D materials are necessary for diversity in addition to the conventional 2D materials that exhibit unusual or novel properties in magnetism, electrical conduction, mechanical strength, thermal conduction, band gap shifting, spintronics, etc.

  - Novel Applications of 1D/2D sensors and systems hybrid systems that incorporate both 1D and 2D materials and heterostructures, for use as switches, transistors, resonators, oscillators, solar cells, flexible electronics, bio/chemical sensors, supercapacitors, etc.



  - Submission link:

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 - Please select article type name "SI:1D and 2D Materials" during submission process

 - Please follow Guide for Authors: of the journal when preparing your manuscript

 - Submission deadline: 30th June 2017


  Thanks from Guest Editors 

  Eui-Hyeok Yang (Lead) , Dibakar DattaGrzegorz Hader , Kyung Nam Kang , JunJun Ding   


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