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Critical Angle and Ultrasonic field

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I am working on wave propgation in solid and interested in ultrasonic field modeling in different types of planar and non-planar structure.Is anybody familiar with any method (like FEM, BEM) which has been used to show that if a bounded beam strikes a solid surface with critical angle then a clear field of surface wave can be seen. That is no beam is passing inside the solid body for critical angle and if the angle is incresed then total reflection can be seen. Also is there any literature where the total ultrasonic field(contour plot) is shown for different inclination angle of transducer?

I am also interested to know if there is a circular hole inside a solid half-space and it is excited with a transducer  then how the scattered field will look like?How much stress concentration will be near the hole and how the hole diameter and position will affect the scattered field? 


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