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Simpleware Training Courses, Reading, UK, May 9-10 2017

Simpleware software

We're running fundamental and advanced training courses on Simpleware software on May 9th and 10th at the Synopsys Reading Training Centre.

Sign up for the fundamentals course to cover:

  • Introduction to Simpleware and image-based modelling
  • Digital imaging basics and imaging methods
  • Image processing and segmentation in ScanIP
  • Using CAD parts in image-based processing
  • Overview of meshing in ScanIP
  • Creating models for surface meshing
  • Creating models for FE and CFD meshing using +FE
  • Creating NURBS models for CAD export using +NURBS
  • Measurements and Statistics using ScanIP
  • Image, mask and model visualisation and animation
  • Export options and further analysis
  • Options for automating your workflow
  • Tips and Tricks in Simpleware

If you're already familiar with Simpleware, you can also register for our advanced training, which will include:

  • Automating your workflow in Simpleware (scripting and plug-ins)
  • Going from 3D image data to 3D printing
  • Realistic model generation for FEA (application specific)
  • Advanced segmentation methods for medical and dental applications
  • Advanced segmentation methods for composite materials and geology
  • Advanced segmentation methods for natural sciences
  • Introduction or advanced human body modelling
  • Effective property extraction using +SOLID, +FLOW, or +LAPLACE (or a combination of these modules)
  • Advanced model generation for CFD analysis (application specific)
  • Lattice generation in models for lightweighting and structural analysis

Learn about all our training options, fees, and opportunities to receive personalised support at

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