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AFM modelling

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Hi, every body...

Can anyone please tell me about the kind of modelling that is done to study the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) ?

I have gone through the lumped mass models, but I want to know about the distributed models ?

Is anyone having some papers or links related to distributed modelling of AFM ?

Thank You......


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Thanks a lot

I know a paper by DeSimone and Podio-Guidugli that might be of interest for you.

I don't remember exactly when and where is was published.

Anyway, it is worth a check.



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Thank You ggtt.

I found the paper that you suggested. The paper was of little use but its referances are really helpful. Once again thanks a lot.

K.Ravi Kumar

You may look at the paper by Chen et al, which was recently published in Anal. Chem. (Chen et al, Anal. Chem., 79(4), p1333-1338, 2007). In their model, to my best knowledge, they use the classical finite element model for AFM cantilever. 

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