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Magics 12 is released!

Magics RP software optimizes all steps in your rapid prototyping and manufacturing process, from data import to platform preparation. By offering  STL fixing, automated support generation, Boolean operations and many other powerful tools, it helps to build high quality parts in the shortest possible lead time.

Now Magics takes another step in further increasing its added value for the RP&M professional. Magics 12 offers several new features and automation combined with continuously improved quality, e.g.:

  • Batch Import of CAD files: Gain time and increase your efficiency by importing and converting batches of files (e.g. overnight) instead of handling them one by one.

  • User-friendliness, Stability and Power:  Experience the higher quality and better ergonomics of Magics 12: it is easier, better and faster than ever before.

  • Color Shrinkwrap:  Build designs, such as architectural parts, that were previously unsuited for RP. This powerful fixing tool bypasses intensive manual fixing and drastically decreases the time spent in data preparation of ‘bad STL’s’, while preserving colors and textures.

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