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New release of Abaqus2Matlab: GUI, reading .odb and much more!

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A2M GUI interface 

Dear imechanicians,

A new version of Abaqus2Matlab has just been released and I hope that it is of interest to you.

This new release constitutes a very significant step forward in the development of this well-known software to connect Abaqus and Matlab.

Abaqus2Matlab is now offered as an easy-to-install Matlab App that includes the following novelties:


  • The possibility to postprocess not only .fil files, but also .odb and .mtx
  • A new Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables the user to easily request output variables and automatically creates a Matlab script with all the required information.


Everything has been extensively documented, including video tutorials. For more information visit

We hope that you enjoy it and we look forward to hearing your feedback


Abaqus2Matlab has attracted the attention of hundreds and possibly thousands of researchers worldwide, working in universities, public and private services, as well as the industry. It has been extensively tested in a large suite of Abaqus models and used by an ever-growing user community. You can use Abaqus2Matlab and/or share your Abaqus2Matlab experience for free at the official website of this new application:

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