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orthopedical implant production method

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I would like to learn the most suitable way to produce a titanium implate plate (with press, milling machine, cnc...)

The picture of the material that i would like to produce is attached,

if anyone should advice me about that, i will be so grateful.

best wishes,

adem atmaca

Microsoft Office document icon liste-meh.doc1.59 MB

Sory about my poor english:

Well, titanium it's a really expensive material so ME tries to machinate it using CNC (the cutting tool for it it's expensive too so if you're making a small amount of pieces use CNC), plus CNC gives extra precision (relatively) and you can have your piece in less time with less effort than making a fundition (because you will have to correct the geometry and giving the finish later).

Don't try to make orthopedic parts (especially invasive ones) with manual tools, always try to use CNC because titanium it's expensive and the operator has to be a person with some experience and practice with hardened materials.

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