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Call for papers for ICoBT 2011 - deadline 15 April

Themes covered include

  • orthopaedic surgery
  • dentistry
  • biomechanics
  • biomaterials
  • cosmetic chemistry
  • biophysics
  • biomimetics

The topic of research must include a biological surface as part of the interface (eg articular cartilage, skin), have a direct impact on biological function (eg prosthetic joints, dental implants), or involve the implementation of natural lubrication in man-made systems (biomimetics).

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orthopedical implant production method


I would like to learn the most suitable way to produce a titanium implate plate (with press, milling machine, cnc...)

The picture of the material that i would like to produce is attached,

if anyone should advice me about that, i will be so grateful.

best wishes,

adem atmaca

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