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HW 15

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Title: Theory of Plates and Shells

Author:  Stephen P. Tomoshenko and S. Woinowsky-Krieger


Chapter 1: Bending of long rectangular plates to a cylindrical surface .

Chapter 2: Pure bending of plates.

Chapter 3: Symmetrical bending of circular plates

Chapter 4: Small deflections of laterally loaded plates

Chapter 5: Simply supported rectangular plates

Chapter 6: Rectangular plates with various edge conditions

Chapter 7: Continuous rectangular plates

Chapter 8: Plates on elastic foundation

Chapter 9: Plates of various shapes

Chapter 10: Special and approximate methods in theory of plates

Chapter 11: Bending of anisotropic plates

Chapter 12: Bending of plates under the combined action of lateral loads and forces in the middle plane of the plate

Chapter 13: Large defections of plates

Chapter 14: Deformation of shells without bending

Chapter 15: General theory of cylindrical shells

Chapter 16: Shells having the form of a surface of revolution and loaded symmetrically with respect to their axis


Comments: The aim of this book is to deal with the problems in plates and shells which are the relatively important and difficult part in solid mechanics. Book written by Timoshenko are always easy to be red. Theories in his book are classical and practical; contents are methodic. Therefore, I strongly recommend this book to the people who are interest in the theory of plates and shells.


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