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Fall 2007

Final Project

This is my final project.

Final project for ES 240

This is the pdf file for the final project given by Andew and Lei.

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ES 240 Final Presentation--Alex and Alison

I am attaching a PDF of Alex and Alison's final presentation for ES 240.  The topic is "Arterial Compliance and Disease."


ES 240 Final Project

Here is the powerpoint of the final project, presented by Stevie Steiner and myself.

Fall 2007 ES 240 Final Project "Viscous Deformation of a Fused Quartz Tube" by Sunny Wicks and Stephen Steiner

Attached is a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation from our final project, titled "Viscous Deformation of a Quartz Tube Caused by Furnace Malfunction:  Analysis and Modeling".

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ES 240 (Fall 2007) Homework 37-40

This is the last problem set this semester. It is due on Friday, Dec. 14, 2007.

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ES 240, Problem 29, Project Description

Lei and I will be working on developing the appropriate relations and numerical methods for topological optimization of  2D ideal structures.  In this constraint-based optimization study we will try to determine the density distribution which minimizes the strain energy for a fixed volume of material.  This problem is a subset of the so-called "G-closure" problem in topological optimization where we have restricted our possible configurations to certain ideal geometries.   

ES 240 Problem 29, project description

Andrew and I decided to work on some design topics.

Given a reference domain, some boundary conditions and a limited amount of material, which can not fill the whole domain, we want to determine the material distribution inside the domain so that the structure generated will contain the minimum elastic energy. This is called minimum compliance problem, a topic in the field of topology optimization.

Problem 29: Project

Nathan Thielen and I will be investigating straight beams, bent beams and how the analysis can be applied to hooks. We did not have much time to investigate beams in ES240 this term so we hope to gain a broader understanding of this area and share our findings with the rest of the class. The primary goal is to compare the analysis necessary for straight beams versus the analysis needed for bent beams. We choose the project because we also will have ample opportunity to investigate bent beams and hooks using FEM.

Final Project - Bent Beams

Christian and I thought comparing the theory of bent beams to that of straight beams would be interesting because we only explored straight beams this semester in class. Bent beams are important since they are encountered regularly in practice, for example a hook. The geometry of a bent beam changes the equations governing the behavior. So, understanding how the geometry changes the beams behavior is our primary interest.

Project Proposal

My project will be a literature study on ferroelasticity and how it applied to how of the topics we covered in class.


Eric Kiser 

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ES 240 Project Proposal - Jane Yoon, Sun Min Jung

Stress/Strain Analysis of Bullet-Holeson the Boeing 737 Fuselage Boeing 737 is the most popular aircraft in the sky today, with each one taking off or landing on average of every 6 seconds.

When Quartz Tubes Start to Melt, or, Why the CVD Furnace Was Down for Four Weeks: Problem 29

  This post is a description of the project Sunny Wicks and I will be pursuing for this class, to satisfy the requirements for Problem 29.

ES 240 Problem Set #8, Problem #20 - Green's function of biharmonic operator is not positive definite

Professor Vlassak mentioned that last year every single person did a finite element project.  He said he wanted to see more theory projects, so I decided to take him up on that.

I was browsing around one day and happened upon an article that explained that while the Green's function of the laplacian was positive definite, the biharmonic operator's Green's function is not.  Physically, this has significance. 

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ABAQUS Tutorial for ES 240

Please download and read the following materials.

1-1 ABAQUS tutorial for ES 240.pdf

1-2 Learning ABAQUS.pdf    

1-3 CAE Example.pdf



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