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EM 388F Homewrok Problems 2-5

One file is attached.


Add Problem 5: use the method of superposition to obtain the stress field around a hole in an infinite sheet under uniaxial remote stress.


Due date extended to Monday, January 28, 2008. 

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EM 388F Homework Sets


Homework Problem 1: Self introduction in iMechanica (due January 21, 2008)

Homework Problems 2-5
(due January 28, 2008) 

Homework Problems 5-8 (due February 7, 2008) 

Homework Problems 9-18 (due March 3, 2008) 

Homework Problems 19-23 (due March 24, 2008) 

Homewrok Problems 24-28 (due April 9, 2008) 

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EM 388F Homework 1: Self introduction in iMechanica

1. Post a comment to this entry to explain to your teaching staff and classmates why you are taking this class. Include the following items in your comment:

• Which department or graduate program are you currently enrolled in?

• Your prior courses in solid mechanics.

• Your undergraduate major and where you were enrolled.

• What might be your strength and weakness related to this course.

• Your research group if you already belong to one (please give a link to the web page of your group).

• Your likely research direction(s).

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ES 240 (Fall 2007) Homework 37-40

This is the last problem set this semester. It is due on Friday, Dec. 14, 2007.


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