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A web site APP for rough contact adhesion from simple Ciavarella BAM model

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See online App for rough contact adhesion based on the BAM model of Ciavarella


This is just a single closed form equation, which rivals and competes with the cumbersome 5 dimensional integrals of the theory of Persson and Scaraggi [2014] which is sold commercially (see for a high price, and is not public domain.


This single line equation explains the very sophisticated data of Pastewka and Robbins [2014] on PNAS, about pull-off, despite contrasts with the conclusion of Pastewka and Robbins that stickiness should depend only on rms slopes and rms curvatures. Indeed, in the BAM theory, pull-off depends only on rms amplitude of roughness!


[1] M. Ciavarella,  A very simple estimate of adhesion of hard solids with rough surfaces based on a bearing area model, Meccanica, DOI 10.1007/s11012-017-0701-6.


[2] Persson, B. N., & Scaraggi, M. (2014). Theory of adhesion: Role of surface roughness. The Journal of chemical physics, 141(12), 124701.


[3] Pastewka, L., & Robbins, M. O. (2014). Contact between rough surfaces and a criterion for macroscopic adhesion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111(9), 3298-3303.



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There were some errors in the earlier version, that some people noticed, thank you for help.


Now the APP finds the pull-off force also, and is corrected.

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