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Seminar: BioEM Simulations for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, March 21st

National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK

The interaction between electromagnetic fields (EM) and the human body are being exploited in clinical and biomedical applications. Electromagnetic medical devices are used for diagnosis as well therapy. This NAFEMS seminar brings together EM software communities to discuss the topic of bio electromagnetics; current trends in EM simulation, exposure to EM fields, and applications of EM field for both therapy and detection.

Simpleware at BioEM - attend the Simpleware Presentation

At the seminar you can find out more about our Simpleware’s Human Body Models:

Creating Simulation Ready Animal and Human Body Models from 3D Medical Image Data for Computational Modeling

We will present solutions we have worked on with industrial and academic partners, illustrating fast and efficient approach to generating image based simulation ready models for EM analysis in commercially available software. We will show the workflow and results for subject specific animal and human models from medical scan data, as well as from a virtual population datasets. All examples use Simpleware to create anatomically realistic, complex multi-part models, offering new insight and detail for researchers and clinicians.

Meet with Simpleware

We will be happy to meet with you and discuss your visualization, analysis and mesh generation needs. If you wish to arrange a demo during the seminar, please email us at

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