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Research Post Mechanics of Multilattices (Theory) Cambridge

There is an opportunity to invent interpenetrating lattice materials in order to design materials of any given stiffness, strength and toughness. Currently, lattice materials, such as the 2D honeycomb and the 3D octet truss, exist in a single material on a single length scale. The challenge is to fill the intervening gaps in the lattice with a second lattice in order to improve the macroscopic properties. The new lattices will be manufactured and tested by a collaborator within the group. There is an optimisation step of the generation of a multiphase lattice that gives any desired macroscopic stress-strain response, fracture toughness and so on.

There is a research opening for a Research Associate at the post-doctoral level (or a researcher who is soon to receive their PhD), with a working experience of solid mechanics and ideally with previous research on optimisation methods.

The key responsibilities and duties are to conduct numerical research into the mechanics of lattices:

  • Develop 1D, 2D and 3D numerical models of lattice behaviour 
  • Compare predictions with measurements provided by colleagues 
  • Take part in collaborative work, contribute to seminars, and take part in the research group's activities 
  • Present results of scientific research to sponsors, address conferences and publish articles outlining the methodology and results of research undertaken. 

The successful candidate must have obtained or be close to obtaining a PhD in Mechanics of Materials. Must have some research experience and a publication record.

For furhter information and to apply here

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