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Unified Mechanics Theory

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I thought mechanics community would be interested in my presentation on Unified Mechanics Theory, where I modify Newton's Equations in a succint form to incorporate Thermodynamics into Newtons Laws, which presently they don't have. [is there any proof, ?Yes the new form of the Newton's Laws have been proven experimentally since 1997 and mathematically in 2016}. The Laws of Unified Mechanics are

        F=ma (1- Φ(s))      F=ku (1-(Φ(s))
where Φ(s) is a function of entropy, s, generation rate starts from zero progresses to one. It is calculated from physics and does not require any curve fitting process or parameters or empirical degradation function.

Attached presentation was presented at USNCTAM 2018 in Chicago, IL, USA


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I welcome any comments.Thank you very much.

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