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PhD Opportunity in Berlin: Cation-Substituted Silicates as Millimetre Wave Dielectrics for Automotive Applications

Dr. Hanaor - Department of Ceramic Materials - TU Berlin's picture

Institute for Materials Science and Technology, TU Berlin, Germany


An opportunity is available for a doctoral candidate to undertake a research programme on the topic of the synthesis and characterization of cation substituted silicate ceramics for use a novel dielectric materials.


The development of autonomous vehicles is driving a rapid expansion in the field of microwave frequency sensors and wireless communication components. In particular the millimetre wave region of the spectrum has become instrumental in enabling fifth generation wireless communication and high performance radar sensors. The need for new high performance dielectric materials in this range of frequencies has emerged as a key issue, motivating innovative research efforts. Silicate phases from the inosilicate and orthosilicate families with controlled composition show tremendous promise to address this emerging materials engineering challenge. 


The objective of this research programme will be to develop new understandings relating to the origin of dielectric behaviour in silicate systems and apply these in order to optimise the composition and synthesis of mineral inspired ceramics towards applications as high performance dielectrics.


With an expected starting date in 2019, this doctoral research programme will take place at the Chair for Advanced Ceramic Materials within the Institute for Materials Science and Technology at TU Berlin, Germany. 


Candidates are expected to have a high level of written and spoken English and an ability to conduct independent research utilizing diverse synthesis and characterisation techniques. Experience with dielectric measurement systems and silicate synthesis are advantageous.  Applicants will be expected to be able to obtain a scholarship through various external funding sources available for incoming doctoral researchers.


Enquiries including a CV, publication list and cover letter should be directed to 


Dr. Dorian A. H. Hanaor


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