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Release of VEMLab v2.2

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VEMLab: a MATLAB library for the virtual element method


Release of VEMLab v2.2


>>  From VEMLab v2.1 to VEMLab v2.2:

  • Fix disp() in plot_and_ouput_options.m: disp(“Hello”) seems to work only in newer versions of MATLAB. So, it is changed to the standard MATLAB format  disp(‘Hello’).
  • Results that are postprocessed in the graphical user interface of GiD are now ordered in folders.
  • Add option to plot deformed domain in MATLAB figures when using the LinearElastostatics module (see function “plot_and_ouput_options.m” located in the folder “config”).
  • Add a function to read a meshfile having the domain type declared as “Custom”, which is useful for defining the meshfile manually or using an external mesh generator or using a customized version of the mesh generators available in VEMLab. (See example “Creating and using a custom meshfile” in the VEMLab Primer or details.)
  • Add more details to the VEMLab Primer.

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