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PhD positions on mechanics of morphing solids and shells at the University of Missouri, Columbia

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The positions: I am looking to support two PhD students to work with me towards a mechanical understanding of morphing structures such as origami tessellations and lattice materials and metamaterials. By "understanding" I mean anything relevant to the theoretical and numerical modeling of these structures, in static and dynamic regimes, within the context of elasticity whether linearized or not as well as the fabrication and testing of toy models necessary to assess that "understanding". Applications range from the design of self-deploying space structures to the design of elastic "invisibility" cloaks.

The musts are (1) a strong sense of independence and initiative and (2) good writing skills. We can work around everything else. Applicants with a strong mathematical background and/or numerical analysis skills are particularly encouraged to apply; fabrication and testing experience is a plus.

About me: I like to investigate elementary toy models (bars and hinges, springs and masses and so on) with profound mechanics behind and supported by simple numerical or experimental evidence. I am particularly interested in toy models that the classical theories of continuum mechanics fail to describe. Check out this paper for a representative sample.

The University of Missouri, Columbia (MU) just won a Nobel in Chemistry. MU is a top-tier R1 institution. It is a very rich and diverse place and Columbia is a nice so-far small yet rapidly growing town built around the University.

To apply, contact me, Hussein Nassar, by sending an email to "nassarh at". Include therein relevant info about yourself.

Positions remain open until filled.

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