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International Symposium Metallic 3/4 D Printing Drexel University

Metallic 3/4 D Printing Current Chalenges and Next Generation Paradigms

The Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics of the College of Engineering at Drexel University is hosting an international symposium on Additive Manufacturing on Friday April 12, 2019. The objective of the symposium is to bring together Drexel, local, and International leading experts in the field of metallic 3/4-D printing to identify current critical issues and future paradigms within the realm of this promising technology.

The goals of the symposium are twofold.  We aim to have a cross-disciplinary discussion that will hone local expertise toward shaping an additive manufacturing strategic vision and catalyze collaboration in the field between our institution and those of the invited experts. Therefore, the symposium will address the foundations of Additive Manufacturing with a focus on seamless integration of design, simulation, production, testing and qualification of functional parts.

It is hoped that the discussion will contribute toward the preparation of the next generation of researchers and engineers in the field of metallic printing. Graduate students are, therefore, encouraged to participate and present a poster of their work. 

Topics of Interest

·         Functional materials and structures

·         Micro-structure evolution, prediction, and control during printing

·         The role of interfaces in seamless layer-by-layer building of functional systems

·         Effect of printing process on tribological performance of parts.

·         Bio-inspired printing paradigms

·         In-situ and post production inspection

·         Performance Prediction and optimization techniques (theoretical-numerical-hybrid)

·         Post process inspection and verification and potential for standardization

·         Future paradigms for part-printing-schemes

·         Top-bottom and Bottom Top approaches and geometrical optimization

While the emphasis is placed on the printing of metals, we look forward for contributions that will integrate the expertise gained in polymeric and biological printing into the foundations of printing of metals.

Deadline for Submissions

·         Regular presentation: submit a 300-350-word Abstract to the organizing committee no-later than Friday, March 1, 2019.

·         Graduate student poster presentations submit a 200-250-word Abstract to the organizing committee no-later than Friday, March 8, 2019.

Fees and Registration

·         Graduate students: $50.00 (free if presenting a poster)

·         Regular registration: $ 100.00

Organizing Committee

Prof. Hisham. A. Abdel-AalHisham.abdelaal@Drexel.edu215.895.6396Prof. Antonios Kontsosantonios.kontsos@drexel.edu215.895.2297Prof. Ahmad R. Najafi arn55@drexel.edu215.571.4578

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