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A Free Dynamics Textbook: Engineering Dynamics: A Primer (3rd Edition)

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Dear Colleague,

The third edition of my textbook Engineering Dynamics:  A Primer, has just been published by Springer and is freely accessible to faculty and students at

The third edition is a revised and expanded version of the previous edition. The text has been revised in response to student commentary. In addition, the author has taken advantage of the increased accessibility of simulation software to students. As a result, the text contains significantly more problems with numerical analyses of the governing equations of motion and indepth discussion of the behavior of the mechanical system that is predicted by these analyses. 

As with the previous editions, the primer is suited to a sophomore/junior-level engineering dynamics class. It can be used as a supplement to classic texts such as Meriam, Kraige, and Bolton, Hibbeler, and Beer, Johnston, Cornwell, and Self. I use the primer for lectures and assign problems from Meriam, Kraige, and Bolton, when teaching the sophomore/junior-level dynamics class. I also supplement the assigned problem with analysis questions based on simulations. 

I hope readers find the new edition to be helpful and interesting. Students and Faculty can download the text for free at the link given above. As with the second edition, the author royalties are donated to UNICEF.




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