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The unknown paper by M. T. Huber

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More often than not I find in the books I read the information about the von Mises yield cirterion without mentioning any contribution of Maksymilian Tytus Huber in this field. E. g. I'm reading now "Materials for Nuclear Plants" by Wolfgang Hoffelner. When discussing the yielding conditions of the material he refers to von Mises, Hencky and even to Maxwell, but does not mention Huber. M. T. Huber anticipated to some extent the criterion of Mises already in 1904 (von Mises published his paper in 1913), but is not recognized by most of mechanicians. This is most probably caused by the fact the M. T. Huber published his paper originally in Polish [1], which is basically spoken by Poles only. However, it was translated into English already 15 years ago, therefore I don't see any further obstacles in using term Huber-Mises or HMH (Huber-Mises-Hencky) when referring to the equivalent stress or the yield criterion. One could also refer to Maxwell if he/she likes, but as far as I know, Maxwell only wrote something about the possible yield criterion in a letter to Kelvin without providing any equations.

[1] Huber, M. T. "Właściwa praca odkształcenia jako miara wytężenia materiału. Czasopismo Techniczne, 15, Lwów, 1904; see also: Specific work of strain asameasure of material effort." Archives of Mechanics 56.3 (2004): 173-190.
[2] Huber, M. T. "Specific work of strain as a measure of material effort." Archives of Mechanics 56.3 (2004): 173-190.

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