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Job Opening for Flexible Display Technologist at Apple


Job Summary: 
In this position, you will play a critical role in developing and assessing new display technologies for possible use in Apple products, crafting new designs and intellectual property for Apple, and interacting with multiple partners across the company and with technology and product suppliers to Apple. <!--break-->Key Qualifications: 
— Thorough knowledge of the mechanics of materials, viscoelasticity, and thin films on flexible substrates, interconnects, and experience in identifying, modeling, and solving failure mechanisms. — The ability to access the state of the art simulation and/or analytical tools to identify and solve the root causes of failure is critical. An accomplished mechanical engineer with a track record of successful development of electronic products developing novel materials and mechanical designs. Real-world success in developing products is desirable. — Experience with issues involved in transitioning laboratory technology to manufacturing. Proven ability to work with and coordinate internal design, manufacturing, and reliability teams, and with external suppliers and vendors is desirable. — Experience in crafting, fabricating, and evaluating flexible electronic devices, flexible electronic components, flexible printed circuit board, interconnects, or related issues in packaging is desirable. — Experience in crafting and/or fabricating a variety of display components, including backplane technologies, OLED displays, encapsulation technologies, and interconnection technologies is desirable.— Excellent verbal and written interpersonal skills. <!--break--> Core Responsibilities: 
As a technologist, you are responsible for figuring out the suitability of new display technologies, and you will have a wide range of responsibilities in assessing, modeling, and crafting technologies for use in Apple products: —  Assessing the mechanical performance of display technologies, across the range of products and systems sold by Apple. —  Modeling display mechanical performance and improving properties to meet Apple product needs. —  Work with suppliers to characterize and improve display mechanical performance.—  Supporting development by multiple groups within Apple tasked with the development of products incorporating novel display system designs. —  Working with Apple engineers to assess key metrics in pilot-level and mass-produced products, including reliability. —  Developing Apple Intellectual Property in areas of design and implementation.  —  Managing schedules and supporting multi-functional engineering efforts.  <!--break-->Education: 
Preferred requirements: Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, materials science, or a closely allied field, and at least 3+ years of experience in an industrial environment. 


Please send an email to with your resume if you are interested or apply it online from the following link, or both.  Thanks.

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