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Singular value decomposition of a homogeneous deformation

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I am teaching advanced elasticity this semester. I have just written a google doc on my lecture on singular value decomposition of a homogeneous deformation. The PDF file of the doc is attached below


No, sorry, Zhigang,

I do get a *vague* sense of what you are driving at, but I don't really get your document as posted. Several crucial details are now missing, as presented.


Oh, BTW, IIT Bombay and BITS Pilani PhD mathematicians et al. asked me about this very technique of SVD. I think I'd lost my understanding of it. I was then, in late 2019, thinking more about ontologies and the Measurement Problem of QM.

But those *idiots* insisted that my selection *be* premised on my understanding of the classical SVD. They mentioned three matrices, so as to juggle my memory. I failed. We were talking in the Data Science context, for my job-ful (i.e. paltry-sum-paying) interview. They were highly junior, by age, and being PhDs from IIT Bombay and in the context of the BITS Pilani, as one would expect of them, very (or very highly) gainfully employed. (BITS Pilani! Capitalism!!)

They didn't mention Funk's algorithm. Not even once in that interview.

They took care, after about 20 minutes of interaction, to mention CFD. (I never got a job in CFD in Pune, India. Now, they thought it nice to bring it up. (They could even be thinking of cheering me up. Such are their ways. IIT Bombay, and BITS Pilani. (I would have cake-walked at BITS Pilani, but chose to do my BE from COEP, back then.)))


All the same, I think, herewith, that you are now losing your ability to *explain* things to your students (e.g. me!). Please correct yourself, and explain your notes in greater detail. If necessary, I will pitch in, once I begin to vaguely recollect and thereby understand the topic.

Thanks in advance.



[No E&OE. [I *know* what I am talking about.]]


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