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Capillary transfer of soft films

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Yue Zhang, Mengtian Yin, Yongmin Baek, Kyusang Kim, Giovnni Zangari, Liheng Cai, Baoxing Xu. Capillary Transfer of Soft Films. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Existing transfer technologies in the construction of film-based electronics and devices are deeply established in the framework of native solid substrates. Here, we report a capillary approach that enables a fast, robust, and reliable transfer of soft films from liquid in a defect-free manner. This capillary transfer is underpinned by the transfer front of dynamic contact among receiver substrate, liquid, and film, and can be well controlled by a selectable motion direction of receiver substrates at a high speed. We demonstrate in extensive experiments, together with theoretical models and computational analysis, the robust capabilities of the capillary transfer using a versatile set of soft films with a broad material diversity of both film and liquid, surface-wetting properties, and complex geometric patterns of soft films onto various solid substrates in a deterministic manner.

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