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Fully funded positions at ALL levels - computational research

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Utah Waves and Architected Materials Group (

Applicants with track record / experience / expertise / strong passion in ANY ONE of the following technical fields are especially valued:

·        Finite element simulations

·        - Vibrations and waves

·        - Frontiers in condensed matter physics, including band structure, topological invariant, magic angle, multi-body topological order, spin-orbit coupling of phonon system, etc.

·        - White-box machine learning techniques

·        - Quantum algorithms

Reserach work will be focused on computational studies using either commercial simulation platforms or open-source software packages. Tasks and responsibilities include data exaction, management and visualization as well.


Minimum requirements

Familiarity with numerical methods and linear algebra;

Proficiency in: either (1) finite element software or (2) any programming language.



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