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Additive Manufacturing and the COVID-19 challenges: An in-depth study

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3D printed Nasal Swabs

The COVID-19 pandemic created huge demand of relevant medical  and personal protective equipment (PPE) and put unprecedented pressure on the healthcare system within a very short span of time. Moreover, the supply chains system faced extreme disruptions as a result of the frequent and severe lockdowns across the globe. In this situation, additive manufacturing (AM) becomes a supplementary  manufacturing process to meet the explosive demands and ease the health disaster worldwide. Providing the extensive design customization, instant manufacturing route eliminating lengthy assembly line and ensuring low manufacturing lead time, the AM could successfully curve the extreme supply chain backlog. The AM community joins the fight against COVID-19 by producing medical equipment such as ventilators, nasopharyngeal swabs and PPE such as face masks and face shields. The aim of this article is to systematically summarize and to critically analyze all major efforts put forward by the AM industry, academics, researchers, users, and individuals. 

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