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MSLattice: free user-friendly software for generating lattices, metamaterials, and cellular materials

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While additive manufacturing enabled the fabrication of very sophisticated and complex designs, the tools to create these designs are not easily accessible. For, example, lattices enable custom-made designs with engineered properties through their topology-property relationship. However, to my best knowledge, there is not a single freely available tools that allow users to design and export a large variety of lattices and allow for applying different grading schemes.
Through this publication, we are happy to announce #MSLattice. We are glad to share with our community the first freely-available tool that allows fellow researchers and engineers to produce uniform and graded lattices based on triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMS). These lattices are sheet-based and skeletal-based. MSLattice also allows the users to input their own implicit functions and grad or hybridize them the way they want.

The paper is published in Materials Design and Processing Communications. Please find a link to the paper here:

Grab a copy of MSLattice:

MSLattice is freely available user-friendly software that can be used to generate the 3D printing STL files for experimentally and computationally investigating the behaviour of cellular materials or lattices based on TPMS and their deployment in various applications such as lightweight structures, support materials for 3D printing, thermal management devices (e.g., heat sinks, compact heat exchangers, phase-changing materials heat exchangers), scaffolds for tissue engineering, templates or substrates to be coated, catalytic substrates, membranes, spacers, cores for sandwich panels, three-dimensional batteries and electrodes, acoustic materials, photonic/phononic materials, electromagnetic shielding, interpenetrating phase composites, etc.

Please contact us in case you have any questions.

Prof. Rashid K. Abu Al-Rub (

Dr. Oraib Al-Ketan (

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