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GetFEM: A high level multiphysics finite element framework

Dear mechanics community,

I would like to draw your attention to our recent publication about the opensource finite element framework GetFEM:

In the paper, we describe a high level assembly language, available in GetFEM, which allows the user to easily create multiphysics models by providing mathematical expressions that are linearized and translated into a corresponding finite element model automatically. Among the many available applications to contact and solid mechanics problems, including finite strain plasticity, damage, homogenization, and topology optimization, the paper includes two representative examples:

1) Inflation of a hyperelastic membrane (implemented in only ca. 110 lines of code incl. meshing and post-processing)


2) Phase-field modelling of hydrogen assisted crack propagation (implemented in only ca. 160 lines of code incl. meshing and post-processing)

The full Python codes for the two examples from the paper are provided for the intrigued reader in the attached files below.

More information can be found on the software website:

and code for many more modeling examples can be found within GetFEM's source, e.g.


Best regards

Konstantinos Poulios

Senior Researcher

DTU Mechanical Engineering

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